This blog is about the space  where scientists, engineers, investors, marketing gurus and inventors meet design. It is about the world where these innovators and I live and work. I think of the place where these creative innovators and our team meet as The Edge of Design.

This blog is also about my thoughts and insights as a designer, father, businessman, husband and invasive plant killer as I encounter the world with and without design. I will relate experiences, review products, give an occasional glimpse of our work and our process for delivering results that connect people and their companies to opportunity.

My background

I am an industrial designer who is the product of his environment. I always think of myself as a student or a teacher. I grew up in a neighborhood where scientists and engineers were literally sending people to the moon while our neighbors built catamarans, exotic motorcycle suspensions, and airplanes in their garages. At the same time my mother was teaching art classes to children and adults in her home studio, our garage. My friends have never been afraid to try something. I am a tinkerer. I apologize now for some of the projects I dragged my friends into in elementary school, high school, college and since. Although I think we all enjoyed the river rafts, planes, karts, BB guns, dams, vine swings, forts, cliff climbs walking in the woods, college parties, floats, yard decorations, patios, house fix-ups and the cars.

I am the son of a fine artist, and the grandson of an architect. The son of a businessman. The nephew of a hands-on engineer.

Growing up, we had neighbors from all over the world on our street. Some were people that did change the world. German was the second language on the street from our house, to the neighborhood pool. My friends and I explored the mountain we lived upon every chance we got. We built things that rolled or ran or flew whenver we could find or afford parts. I still like that kind of stuff. I get a little excited right now just thinking about it. In college, I joined and incredible fraternity, made more great friends,  studied under Bauhaus expatriates and All- American creatives. They gave me the rest of my foundation.

My experience comes from work witin five distinctly different design cultures, an industrial design firm in Atlanta, a product development firm in Atlanta and a product and brand development firm in Charlotte, NC.  Now I am part of the talented design and engineering team at Inergi here in Huntsville, Al.  My dear wife is with me on this adventure of a lifetime. We have three beautifully creative children.

Our team at Inergi works with scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, marketers, managers, executives and investors in the design and development of quality products. Much of the exploration or discovery in our work has to do with exploring and defining our clients and their customer’s needs. Results are realized in the last phase of nicely understood customer needs. We have an engineering and design staff of great people. We also have an internal team of true craftsmen and technicians that make very fine prototypes. They can be found on the net as Planet Proto.

I have always believed it is a great honor to be given the responsibility to design a product so it can deliver the highest innovation content and be the best it could be.  Then it is a rewarding thrill to see it mass produced. I still want to make products better. I want to make the experience of product use better. I want those products to feel like seamless extensions of the end users themselves. This is one way, I want to make the world a better place. I know this is possible.


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